Trump’s Victory is Sealed: 306 Electoral Votes

It’s official now, Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.  If you’re a working class american, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief.  If you’re a “liberal” college student, mainstream news anchor, or anti-trump protester,  you’re still screaming at the electors through your tv.

In probably the most historic election season in our nation’s history, no other candidate has been met with such staunch opposition as the Donald on his way to the presidency.  Both democrats and republicans laughed him off in the primaries.  Then after he crushed 16 competitors there, they went on to tout Hillary Clinton as the undeniable next president of the United States.  Election Day came. Jaws dropped and tears rolled as dems and anti-trumpers watched their efforts go up in smoke as the vote count swung the wrong way.  The Trump way.

Not ones to give up,  they then rallied behind Jill Stein and pushed for recounts in the crucial swing states hoping for a reversal there.  No dice.  Then in a last ditch effort to derail the trump train,  Clinton supporters “petitioned”, or rather threatened, electors to change their vote to anyone but Trump.  As we learned this morning, that effort also fell flat on its face.  

I’m pretty sure no other president has had to defend his election all the way up to the electoral college vote quite like this.  Trump’s opposition always comes back for more when their agenda hits a speed bump.  Are the protesters masochist?  Do they just like being hit harder each time by daddy when they fail?  Only time will tell us I suppose.


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