Bet you missed this #1

While most of america has had russian hacking speculation rammed down their eyes and ears the past week and a half, The United States navy just got robbed for an underwater drone. In the South China sea, by none other than…. China!

The New York Times is reporting that a Chinese warship that had followed a Navy ship to the site of the drone then launched a smaller vessel which then moved in and seized the drone.  According to the article the Chinese vessel ignored several commands from the americans and proceeded to leave with the pilfered vehicle.  It and the drone returned to warship and sailed away

Most are speculating that this is a response to Donald Trump’s open communication with the president of Taiwan, another island-nation whose ownership is also contested by the People’s republic.  More important that,  did we just punked at-sea?  I mean,  no pursuit ensued afterwards.  China was just kinda allowed to skate away after such a bold, in-your-face, shameless jack move.  Let’s just call it what it is.

Here’s a link to said NYT article 


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