Petty Union Boss Belittles Trump Job Effort

I know i know, im late to the party on this one. I still wanted to drop my two cents on the carrier deal pushback by steel workers union boss Chuck Jones. 

 Earlier this week he was seen on CNN making comments about the deal struck between the president-elect and Carrier’s parent company United Technologies. Donald Trump has publicly stated that nearly 1100 job were saved after negotiatons between him United Technologies were completed. Jones states that the actual number of jobs saved by the deal is closer to 800, and that Trump claimed 350 engineering jobs that were never slated to leave indianapolis. He also jabbed at Trump in the fact that some 500 jobs were still going to Mexico and that the company will collect millions in tax breaks despite jobs still going out the door. 

 Now comes the part where i point out his (and mainstream media’s) overall pettiness in situation. Most of major media seems to be steering clear of the fact that out of the 1100 jobs that were suppose to go to mexico, 800 were saved. Who really gives a damn if they’re clerical, or production jobs, a job saved is a job saved regardless. 800 less people and their families that wont be out of work and income. While it is correct that the state of Indiana extended $7 million of tax breaks to carrier, said company is investing $16 million in local and state operations, doubling the kickback they got from state. What was really lost there?

  Donald Trump saved more jobs than those that are still leaving. Let’s also not forget that he still isnt president yet. Past president elects sure weren’t getting to work like this shortly after being elected. Never heard of President Barack Obama or George Bush calling CEOs to hash out deals to keep american jobs. If anything, Obama stripped americans of jobs. Just ask folks in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia who saw their jobs disappear in the past 8 years with the infamous “war on coal”.  Let the man and those of us who supported him enjoy a small victory. Its a nice breath of fresh air to have a president so visually working for the people.

Here’s a couple of the articles I used to formulate my opinion

And of course, CNN News.


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