Jill stein’s recount won’t save you democrats!

For the bitter Hillary Clinton supporters hoping the recount effort spearheaded by Green Party candidate Jill Stein will see the presidency stripped from Donald Trump, I will have my mug ready for the second helping of yours and SJW’s tears.

In typical pot-callng-kettle-black fashion, opposition to donald trump is now having a hissy fit and refusing to accept the results of election night. This refusal of acceptance is the same thing they tried to crucify Donald Trump for in the last presidential debate when he stated that he will look at the results after the fact. Hillary Clinton even personally attacking the Don for his stance on not taking results at face value.

Even though Dr. Stein is on record saying that the recount is not intended to benefit one candidate over the other, you only need half a brain to realize that the states in question (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania) are all swing states that trump barely won. Not a single blue state that was close in margin is brought into question. Who are you fooling Stein? And with today’s news of the clinton campaign getting on board with the recount effort, Kellyanne Conway appropriately called out the “pack of sore losers”

The alleged reason for initiating recount in these crucial states is based on unnamed computer experts’ advice that there was evidence of vote discrepancy between counties that used paper ballots opposed to those that used electronic voting machines. This seems like a valid case, but Michigan is an all analog voting state. Paper ballots fed through a scantron-style machine. No internet required. In addition the state of Michigan already has a certified second count concretely securing Trump’s win in that state. Cliton would need to swing all 3 of those states to unseat Trump as president.

With that I say dream on, democrats. Trump is your president and get over it! Stop burning our cities and let the man get on with making our country great again.


4 thoughts on “Jill stein’s recount won’t save you democrats!

  1. Recounts are a normal part of elections, Stein has legal standing to make challenges, and it could unearth some of the vulnerabilities in the process. It’s not going to change the result, but I see no downside to doing it. Voters who question the legitimacy of the process deserve reassurance, and Stein was told she had “zero” votes in states where she knew she had some. Many states were won by a single percentage point, and the recounts are all before the deadlines for certification. Don’t you want the victory double-verified?


    1. I personally don’t mind the recount itself. What bothers me is that it only includes the swing states that Trump needed to secure the election. There were blue states with just as tight or tighter gaps that no one has contested that legitimately could probably be swung by a recount. This recount seems to be giving Clinton supporters false hope of a 3 state swing which is very unlikely

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      1. I agree the result isn’t likely to change, but also believe it’s always worth it to be careful and make sure of the numbers. I’ve read a number of people not accepting that Trump didn’t win the popular vote. I believe he won an Electoral victory with fewer popular votes, just like George W. Bush. But that opposes the view of fervent Trump supporters that this was a “mandate” or “landslide” instead of just winning a close, hard-fought contest through intelligent strategy.

        The usual sources of information were wrong in predicting the election result, because it was close. Even the Trump campaign was acting as if they expected to lose. I can understand why fervent HRC supporters need to go through an “Are you sure?” process in order to accept that it happened legitimately. Recounting any close state would help. That costs big money though, so they won’t count them all.

        I’m an independent voter, but I would not (for example) trust the safety of voting in Florida, Illinois or some other states. They have histories of fraud and problems from national on down to county elections.

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      2. I wholly agree. After this is over I hope most on the left will step away from the ledge and be ready for January.


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