Chicago’s Holiday Shooting Saga Continues…



Police Tape at a Crime Scene.    Image from


Talk about a bloody tradition.   Chicago’s holiday weekend shooting sprees are famously violent and reaching 90’s era deadliness.  Labor Day was no exception with thirteen people dead and another 31 injured (Chicago Tribune).   Why I personally do not know what makes Chicagoland snap this time of year,  one doesnt have to read too many news articles to get a good look at the deteriorating safety of america’s third largest city.

In  all, 65 people were shot over the weekend.  Over 2300 people have been shot this year to date.  Earlier this year, 69 people were shot on Memorial Day weekend, although only six people died that weekend.  Fourth of July was not far behind with 66, and 5 respectively.  For 2016, Chicago broke the 500-homicide milestone yesterday.  Nothing to celebrate,  seeing as the two cities larger than her (New York and Los Angeles) combined have only 409 homicides on record.

City officials have to be asking themselves why so many people are catching bullets in recent years.  The formula has been a simple one lately.  start with a base of rising gang violence, a pinch of distrust of the police force,  and a huge helping of social justice movements rousing local frustration.  this bomb only needed to be struck with the match of the Laquan Mcdonald shooting and boom!

…..Windy City in Turmoil.  Unlike anything any other big city in America has seen in our time.  Locals have expressed their disgust and frustration at all the violence surrounding their city in multiple news outlets.  Some blame politics,  others side with racism or police discrimination.  The biggest problem seems to be with communities and governments’ unwillingness to come together to battle the common enemy, inner-city violence.  Both sides seem quick to point fingers and lay fault at the others’ feet,  rather that picking up the burden together and ridding themselves of it as one unified voice.


Information for this article was collected from news releases from the Chicago Tribune, Washington post, and CNN news



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